Ekklesia Kids Family Time


Sunday, March 6 - The Ten Commandments: Love God
Bible Passage: Exodus 19:1-20:11; 31:18
Main Point: God gave us rules to show He is holy
Key Passage: Hebrews 3:5-6 "Now Moses was faithful as a servant, but Christ is faithful as a son."
Big Picture Question: What is God's plan? God's plan is to rescue His people.
Bible Story Points
- God gave His people the Ten Commandments - God wanted perfect obedience from His people. His laws covered every part of their lives and the laws were summed up in the ten commandments.
- The first four commandments are about loving God - they told the Israelites what it looks like to have a right relationship with God.
- God gave us rules to show that He is holy - Holy means that God always does what is right and He never does what is wrong.
*Christ Connection - God gave us rules to show that He is holy. Our sin keeps us away from God, but Jesus came to bring us back to Him. Jesus is holy; He never sinned. We can trust Him to forgive our sin.
Family Discussion Starters:
- What do God's rules show us about God?
- What are some things we might love more than God?
- How can we put God first as a family?
Family Activity:
- Talk about rules and the consequences of breaking them. Admit that adults have trouble following rules. Thank God for His plan to send Jesus.
- Create fun but manageable rules for your family to follow this week. At the end of the week ask if it was easy to follow the rules.