Ekklesia Kids Family Time

Sunday, May 8, 2016 - God Created the World to Show How Special He Is
Main Ideas:

- God is overflowing in His greatness and worth.
- Creation is a display of how special God is.
- In creation, we can see, feel, touch, hear, and smell how special God is.
Memory Verse:
"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies above proclaims his handiwork" - Psalm 19:1
1. Genesis 1:1-25
2. Psalm 19:1-4
3. Psalm 105:1-3
Lesson Summary:
Most children are familiar with the creation story. They know that God made the sun and moon, the land and sea, etc. What they are less likely to know is why God made everything. Why did a perfect God, who is totally happy in Himself, decide to create other things and creatures? It was not because He was lonely or because He needed something. God is perfect and happy in Himself. Rather, it was out of His overflowing happiness and worth- His glory- more than anything else. In other words, God created all things for His glory. All of creation is meant to show how great and glorious God is - it is a "show-and-tell" in which we can see, smell, feel, and touch the glory of God. To help children better understand this concept, we will be defining God's glory revealed through creation as God showing how special He is as we explore Genesis 1:1-25.
Prayer Points:
As you review this lesson with your child, pray...
- that God would open your eyes to truly see His glory in all that He has made.
- that you and your child would come to a greater understanding and awe of God as He reveals Himself through all He has made.
Together with your child:
God created the world to show how special He is. With your child, look at various pictures of things that God has created.
- What do you think God wants us to understand about what He is like when we look at what He has made? For example, if we see a large whale splashing its huge tail in the water, what might God be showing us about what God is like?
- When we see all the things God has made, what should we say to Him?
- Read Psalm 150 together.
Action Step:
This week, look through a picture book of animals. Point out something special about each animal you see, and then pray to God thanking Him for what a wonderful Creator He is.