Ekklesia Kids Family Time

Sunday, July 10, 2016 - The Ten Commandments Show Us God's Ways
Main Ideas:
- God desires to reveal His righteousness.
- God's laws and commands are perfect, right, and good.
- People should obey God's laws.
Memory Verse:
"So the law is holy and the commandment is holy and righteous and good" - Romans 7:12
1) Exodus 20:1-17
2) Psalm 16:11a
3) Romans 3:23
4) Romans 7:12
Lesson Summary:
The next two lessons will focus on the importance of the Law, specifically the Ten Commandments. Today's lesson focused specifically on the giving of the Law as described in Exodus 20:1-17 and Israel's response in Exodus 24:7. It is important that the relevance of the Law be clearly understood. The purpose of the Law was not or use as a job description or a to-do list for earning favor with God. The Law was given to show us the perfect ways of God - His holiness, goodness, and righteousness. The Law explained how people were to live as "image bearers" of God. However, in seeing how we should reflect that image, the Law would serve to show us our inability to measure up to God's standards through our own efforts. The Law reveals to us that we have sinned and fall short of treasuring the greatness and worth of God. In the Law, we see that we are helpless sinners. And with a written Law the people are without excuse to see their sinful hearts. The story of Israel and the Ten Commandments demonstrates the need of God's people for a perfect law-keeping Savior.
Prayer Points:
As you review with your child...
- meditate on the perfect righteousness of God as seen through His Law.
- praise God for His holiness and His provision of a Savior.
- pray that you and your child would stand in awe and worship of the holiness of God in all the He says and does and is.
- pray that you will see, understand, and embrace the true purpose of the Law.

As You Walk With Your Child:
Read portions of Exodus 20:1-17 to your child. Explain and discuss a few of the commands. For example: The first commandment says that we should love and worship only the one true God. When we obey that command, we are showing God that we really believe He is more special than any other thing or person. We are saying to God, "You are the greatest! You are the best! I love You most of all!"
- Why would it be good for us to obey this command?
- Can you think of a time when you obeyed one of God's rules and it was good for you?
- Have you always kept every single rule? Why not? Can you think of a Bible verse that tells us what the problem is?
- Are we able to stop sinning just by trying harder? Is that a bad problem? Why?
- Who is the only One who can take away our sin problem? How is God able to solve this problem?
Action Step:
This week, draw a picture of the Ten Commandment Tablets. Above the tablets write out the word "GOOD" in big letters to remind you that God's commands are good.