We value our kids and seek to give them unique and intentional spaces that will saturate their young hearts with the good news of Jesus. This happens within Missional Communities during the week and especially at worship Gatherings on Sundays.

These spaces are:

  • Gospel-centered - Each week during our worship gatherings we share the gospel with the children in loving and creative ways.
  • Story-formed - We teach the full scope of the story of God to kids instead of moral lessons. We want to captivate kids with who God is and what He has done instead of isolated stories to teach morality.
  • Prayer-filled - Our weekly gatherings for children involve prayer. Volunteers pray for kids each week and kids will see volunteers praying during their time together.
  • Safe for Everyone - We are committed to the safety of our children during the worship gatherings. Every volunteer is background checked and follows guidelines to ensure their safety. 


Upon arrival at Ekklesia please stop by our Welcome table to check in your kids and receive a security tag.  Children ages 0-4 are welcome to go to their class at this time. Children ages 5 and older are welcome to remain with their parents during the music portion of our Sunday Gathering. Before the sermon, children will be dismissed to their class. Kids classes open 30 minutes before the gathering begins and continue through the end of the gathering. 


The 3rd Sunday of every month is our Family Worship Gathering. At our Family Worship Gathering, children ages 5 and older are encouraged to remain in the worship gathering to become better equipped and experience worship during our singing, teaching and communion time. 


Ephesians 4:11-12 makes it clear that the leadership in the local church is primarily responsible for “equipping the saints for the work of service.” While the concept of equipping is broader than children’s discipleship, our development of parents is certainly assumed. We are committed to equipping parents to raise their children in the knowledge of the truth. Here are some helpful resources for parents:

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