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Philippians: Finding Joy Right Where You Are

Philippians 2

This past Sunday, we kicked off our new series in the book of Philippians. Here is where we are headed and what topics we will be discussing in the coming weeks! Week 1 - August 2 - Introduction - Acts 16 One expects to find Paul depressed and troubled but instead you find him joyful and abounding in gospel work. Paul writes these encouraging words from a prison cell des...

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Sabbath Sunday, July 5 2020

Sabbath Sunday - July 5, 2020 We hope and pray that you are doing well this weekend. We have set aside this holiday weekend to rest and remember that we cannot do life apart from God. At times, we falsely believe that we do not need rest and everything is dependent upon us working. Sabbath is an opportunity to grow in our trust and relinquish our control. Our family make...

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8 Ways We Flatter Ourselves


Jonathan Edwards- 8 Ways We Flatter Ourselves...

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Saturate The City | April 29th, 2018


Before we scatter across our city this weekend in prayer, we want to prepare our hearts for what the Spirit is going to do and put a tangible resource in your hands to guide you in prayer....

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Passion Week

As we begin Passion week, we wanted to provide a helpful tool to follow the events leading up to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. These events are significant as it reveals the character of Jesus and his willingness to lay down his life for the sins of His people. Thankful for this amazing tool provided by Josh Byers and Visual Theology. ...

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Joining the Everyday Mission

In the same way that Jesus came as a missionary to the world, He sends us out as missionaries to saturate the world with the good news of Jesus. As Jesus was a friend of sinners, we long to be known as "friends" to our city. Jesus gives us a new purpose to make disciples who make disciples. In that, we are to declare and demonstrate the gospel in the everyday rhythms of li...

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A Vision For Gospel Saturation


A post from Justin Bindel on the "Why?" of Ekklesia Communities and our desire to see Gospel Saturation across Utah....

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