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Joining the Everyday Mission

In the same way that Jesus came as a missionary to the world, He sends us out as missionaries to saturate the world with the good news of Jesus. As Jesus was a friend of sinners, we long to be known as “friends” to our city. Jesus gives us a new purpose to make disciples who make disciples. In that, we are to declare and demonstrate the gospel in the everyday rhythms of life with those in proximity to us. Missional living is not an additional thing we add on to our already busy lives. Missional living is to live with gospel intentionally as we go about our daily lives, schedules, and rhythms. As we seek to lead missional lives, we are not concerned with keeping people busy and entertained with "church." We are striving to be the church and fulfill the mission of the church. Rather than inviting people to church, we are inviting the church to go to the people. This is what it means to live out the everyday mission of God.