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Sabbath Sunday, July 5 2020

Sabbath Sunday - July 5, 2020

We hope and pray that you are doing well this weekend. We have set aside this holiday weekend to rest and remember that we cannot do life apart from God. At times, we falsely believe that we do not need rest and everything is dependent upon us working. Sabbath is an opportunity to grow in our trust and relinquish our control. 

Our family makes great strides to practice a sabbath day weekly. Our time consists of remembering, resting, reading, and recreating. We have found these practices to be life giving and providing deep rest for our soul. 

We hope you know there is freedom in what this time looks like for you personally, but we wanted to provide some helpful rhythms we have practiced in the last year. 

  1. Create a clear and formal invitation into Sabbath

We have found that it is helpful to know exactly when we are beginning/ending our sabbath. You typically don’t fall into sabbath. It is important to have a formal and intentional start for clarity. Our sabbath typically begins at dinner on Friday night. Friday is the day of preparation. We spend Friday finishing the week’s work and move to a point where we can turn off electronics, email, and phone for a 24 hour period. We buy groceries (we love to eat well during sabbath) and often cook ahead of time so food is ready. We gather at the table on Friday evening with a delicious meal and good wine. It is at the table that we light candles, cup our hands around the flame, and bring the light to our eyes. This is a tangible reminder that we are inviting the light and presence of Christ to invade our lives in the set aside time. Then we close with a prayer inviting the Lord of the Sabbath to be near. 

  1. Celebrate the Highs/Lows of the Week

At the dinner table we take time to share the mountain top moments and the valleys of the week. This is an opportunity to remember the good gifts God has brought into our life and the things we are asking God to redeem, heal, and work in. We pray for one another and celebrate the great accomplishments of the week. 

  1. Read

During our sabbath, we regularly take time to read together and individually. This is a great opportunity to reflect on God’s word and read a few chapters in a book that we are working through. 

  1. Rest

Yes, take naps! Sleeping is an opportunity to show our trust in the God who works while we rest. 

  1. Recreate

Do something fun and enjoyable! Our family loves to take hikes, ride bikes, and spend time outdoors. Find something that you enjoy and gives you energy. We usually end our sabbath with a walk around the neighborhood and share reflections from our sabbath time. 

    6. Reflect

Here are some great questions from our friends at Saturate to guide your reflection time:
Was it hard to refrain from checking email or social media? Why? 
Which component of observing a Sabbath was most helpful for you? 
When did you feel bored or nervous? What other emotions did you experience? 
In what ways did you see and hear God? 
How does your Sabbath experience change the way you look forward to your usual routine? 

Over the years, our sabbath has taken different approaches with seasons of life. With small kids and short attention spans we have had to be creative to create engaging teaching moments. We have utilized tools in the past such as The Bible Project and Jesus Storybook Bible. Know that a failed attempt is better than no attempt. The time spent with being intentional with your family will have greater impact than you can imagine. Remember the gospel and the fact that there is grace when things don’t go perfectly. They usually don’t! 

So, know that we are praying for you this Sunday as you enter into Sabbath rest. We would love to hear your reflections, struggles, and victories! Know that we are praying for you as you plan and prepare for this special day!